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Frith Sculpture – Highland Heifers

Frith Sculpture - Highland Heifers
Frith Sculpture – Highland Heifers

These little ‘wooly’ cold cast bronze statues are designed by Veronica Ballan and are a huge hit for their fun ‘character’ intricate design and iconic finish.

From teacher to sculptor

The early part of Veronicas career was spent teaching, where she honed her techniques, which later helped her develop her business designing and making ceramic figures. How she started making the figures was as inspiration for the children she was teaching.

In 1981 she moved to a small village in Northumberland where she ran her own gallery and workshop for many years. Her life changed direction again in 2000 and with her husband Pete moved to Alnwick; here with his encouragement and participation she developed a range of animals which became very popular, with demand often outstripping both the figures and her production.

Inspired by the bleak beauty of the North East of England

After many successful years of increasing the variety of designs and production, She been moving towards semi retirement so it is rare to find any available in the market place.

Frith Sculpture - Highland Heifers
Frith Sculpture – Highland Heifers

The Frith Sculpture Studios have now created a range of cold cast bronze sculptures with Veronicas approval that are of her famous and iconic ‘wooly’ ceramic animals.

Cold Cast Bronze Finish from Wiltshire near Stonehenge

Manufactured by hand for the last 25 years in Wiltshire in the South of England near Stonehenge these sculptures are made with care by our craftsmen and women in the West Country of England in our special bronze finish, we ensure that you acquire a quality sculpture, which will give you and future generations, many years of pleasure. 

These are a big favourite in our celtic croft store and also online, and we only have a few of each of these designs left as all are now rare.

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