Irish Walking Stick Genuine Blackthorn Made in Ireland


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Did your Father or Grandfather have a blackthorn walking stick?

It was probably made from Blackthorn bushes found throughout Ireland. Modern agricultural methods are making genuine Blackthorn Irish Walking Sticks even more unique. Blackthorn is renowned for its hardness being one of the tougher woods in the wild. It has been prized for centuries as a material primarily for premium walking sticks.

The original Blackthorn Walking sticks were 1 to 2 foot long shillelaghs.

These sticks are a natural painted black with a rough texture and have a clear coat over the handle that develops a lovely patina over the years. The Irish kept their modified shillelaghs and the world gained a beautiful and functional Irish walking stick known simply as the Irish Blackthorn.

These Walking sticks have a textured black painted finish and a handle at about a 30 degree angle. The handle of these walking sticks are crafted from this authentic blackthorn wood and the shaft of the stick is crafted from hazel for a sturdy walking stick!

Each stick is unique.

About the product

  • Blackthorn is a very hard durable wood grown wild along hedgerows in Ireland.
  • Sticks are 36-37 inches approximately in length from the base to the tip of the handle.
  • Features a rubber ferule on the base to prevent wear.
Irish Blackthorn walking stick
Irish Blackthorn walking stick